photo-1Music has always been an important part of the Wilson Family ministry.  Jim’s mother traveled with her brothers and sisters for some time, so gospel music has had a great influence on Jim’s life.

Jim began singing on his father’s radio program on WSOY in Decatur Illinois at five years of age.  His dream was to have a family that would sing the praises of the Lord.  Our children also began singing at a very young age.  Jim and Joan taught them to sing harmony from the start, so that now they are able to sing whatever part is needed.  They also played instruments in their high school bands, and were all active in choir, and in the swing choir.

The Wilson’s have sung in churches throughout the Midwest and southern states with local singing groups, as well as many full-time groups, including The Lester’s, The Blackwood Singers, Henry and Hazel Slaughter, The Gaither’s, and The Oak Ridge Boys.

The church has had a great influence on our music as well!  God has certainly blessed us with a family that can lift their voice in praise to Him.